Converse “Sure Foot” “Collegiate”

Converse "Sure Foot" "Collegiate"

CERTAIN as the rifle of Deerslayer. Full of pep and fight as a Doughboy

You know what “Big Nines” did for you last summer. Well, “Sure Foot” “Collegiate” are in the same family.

They have “Big Nine” punch, comfort and good looks. They rebound from the smooth floor as a ball bounds from a bat.

If you are going to need fast, certain “pins” this winter, “Sure Foot” your feet.

If you’re looking for foot strength and endurance you’ll find them in “Collegiate” similar to “Sure Foot” but lighter in construction.

Scout for the store that sells the “Big Nine” family. Ease your feet into “Sure Foot” or “Collegiate” and show the fellows some real speed and give your feet a Merry Christmas.

Be sure it’s CONVERSE.

Converse "Sure Foot"

“Sure Foot”

Converse "Collegiate"


Converse Rubber Shoe Co.
Factory: Malden, Mass.

Boys' Life December 1919

sauce: Boys’ Life December 1919

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