Keds Attaboy, Gladiator, Spring-step, Big Leaguer “True Stories of Stars who were not “born” but “made.” No.1″

Keds Attaboy,Gladiator,Spring-step,Big Leaguer "True Stories of Stars who were not "born" but "made." No.1"

True Stories of Stars who were not “born” but “made.” No.1

How a high school “failure” beat out 2 ex-captains and
became a college star

Keds "Attaboy"

Keds “Attaboy”
This new Keds model has lots of style and
strength. The same generous price range
applies to this type of Keds. From $1.00 to $3.50.

Keds "Gladiator"

Keds “Gladiator”
One of the many lace-to-toe Keds models
that are just the thing for gym. You can pay
as little as $1.00 for a shoe of this type.
And if you want the best-$3.50.

Keds "Spring-step"

Keds “Spring-step”
A star basketball model worn by many
champions. Keds basketball shoes start at
$1.00-from there on up to $4.00.

Keds "Big Leaguer"

Keds “Big Leaguer”
Keds moulded-sole models, of which “B Leaguer” is one,
range in price from $2.00 to $3,00


The shoe of Champion
United States Rubber Company

Boys' Life February 1930

sauce: Boys’ Life February 1930

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