Converse Big Nine “Look for the Big C”

Converse Big Nine "Look for the Big C"

Converse Big Nine

“Look for the Big C”

Converse Big Nine

The Converse “Big Nine”

More pep, speed, good looks and comfort than
have ever been sewed into a shoe before.
“Big Nines!” The shoes with Nine Big Points!
Their springiness gives you speed. Their sure-footedness gives you confidence.
Their strength and comfort gives you endurance.

And their middle name is wear! “Big Nines” are the most economical shoes on the market.

Read the Nine Big Points of “Big Nine” supremacy:

(1) Leather ankle-patch
(2) Real horsehide trimming
(3) Double stitching
(4) Leather Lacings
(5) Cork innesole-always comfortable
(6) Fine Duck uppers and lining
(7) Footform last
(8) Big “C” sole of thick live rubber
(9) Reinforced toe and foxing

“Big Nine” are great for father, mother and sisters, too. They’re made for the whole family.
Go to the store that sells”Big Nines” and get a pair. Made in both brown and white.
But be sure thy are “Big Nines” – look for the big “C” on the sole.

Converse Rubber Shoe Co.
Factory: Malden, Mass.

Boys' Life November 1919

sauce: Boys’ Life November 1919

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