Sears The Winner “Sears calls it The Winner for 6 great reasons.”

Sears The Winner

Sears calls it The Winner for 6 great reasons.

1) Padded Top Line
Good looking and comfortable.

2) Padded Tongue
For added comfort.

3) High Top
For extra ankle support.

Sears The Winner

4) Tough Rubber Sole
For fast stops – and starts.

5) Cushioned Arch and Heel
Shock absorbers for the guy who runs and jumps all out.

6) Taped Backstay
For lasting wear and extra support.

Sears The Winner

Oxfords and High-Tops. In a Variety of colors, solids and stripes. At larger Sears, Roebuck and Co. Retail Stores and in the catalog.

At the Shoe Place

CONVERSE makes it exclusively for Sears.

Ebony September 1973

sauce: Ebony September 1973 / Sears 1973

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