Converse Non-skid, Sure Foot “The All-American Basket-Ball shoe”

Converse Non-skid, Sure Foot "The All-American Basket-Ball shoe"

Converse “Non-skid”

The All-American Basket-Ball shoe

“NON-SKIDS” are picked by champions. They’re worn by the crack college teams.

“Non-Skids” are brothers of the famous “Big Nine,” with all the Nine Big Points of supremacy – only they’re specially designed for Basket Ball work.

converse non-skid

“Non-Skids” are made on our exclusive foot-form last, which gives ample toe room, a snug fit over the instep and proper support.

They have the two-piece quarter instead of the single piece back, which permits shaping the back seam and insures a fit around the ankles.

Our scientifically designed “Non-Skid” sole of live rubber eliminates all unnecessary weight, owing to our special light gravity compound. There is no
“inert ballast” in “Non-Skid” soles.

Let “Non-Skids” help you win! Find the shop that sells them in your town. If brown is preferred you will find the same type of shoe in “All Star.”

converse sure foot

Converse “Sure Foot” (Suction Sole)

Another Converse Shoe that’s very popular among basket ball
experts who like the “suction sole” type. “Sure Foot” has proved
itself in many a hard-fought contest. Comfortable, fast, sure and

Converse Rubber Shoe Co.,
Factory: Malden, Mass.
Service Branches:

Chicago-618-626 W.Jackson Blvd. New York-142 Duane St.
Philadelphia-20 N. Third St.

Boys' Life January 1920

sauce: Boys’ Life January 1920

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