Converse Chris Evert, All Star II, Tony Dorsett TD’S, World Class Trainer II “for extra action. for added traction. for quick reaction. for pure satisfaction.”

Converse Chris Evert, All Star II, Tony Dorsett TD'S, World Class Trainer II

“for added traction” Converse All Star II

Converse All Star II

“for extra action” Converse Chris Evert

Converse Chris Evert

“for quick reaction” Converse World Class Trainer II

Converse World Class Trainer II

“for pure satisfaction” Converse Tony Dorsett TD’S

Converse Tony Dorsett TD'S

You’ll get the one shoe that’s right for your sport in these Converse Super Stars 79… at participating THE ATHLETE’S FOOT stores. For tennis action – the Chris Evert; for basketball traction – the All Star II; for cleated shoe quick-reaction – the Tony Dorsett TD’S; and for running satisfaction the World Class Trainer II – rated 5 star in Runner’s World 1979.

No one knows
the athlete’s foot like
The Athlete’s Foot

The Athlete’s Foot

272 stores…nationwide

The Athlete’s Foot

Boys' Life August 1979

sauce: Boys’ Life August 1979 / Converse 1979

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