adidas Stratos SL football boots “OUR FIRST TEAM.”

adidas Stratos SL football boots adidas Stratos SL football boots


Our first team are the cream of thousands of soccer players who wear adidas strip and boots. All over the world. At every professional and amateur level.

From left to right, back row; Beckenbauer(Coach),Stielike, Butcher, Clemence, Miller, Briegel.

Front row; Mcstay, Souness, Littbarski, Hughes, Strachan, Rumenigge,


These great players are united in their praise for the adidas Stratos SL football boot. It is supple and lightweight. The sole contains fibreglass and is shaped like your foot, adding sting to your shot. It is very flexible, to help you sprint faster. Like all adidas footwear, the Stratos SL gives both comfort and support. So you can perform at your peek throughout a 90 minute game.

adidas Stratos SL football boots

The adidas Stratos SL. Wear it. And welcome to the squad.

who’s coming second?

sauce: adidas 1985

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