adidas NASL soccer shoes “Our field lab”

adidas NASL soccer shoes

Our field lab.

It takes scientific ingenuity to develop a shoe that can pass the acid test of the toughest soccer labs in the world: the stadiums where the NASL plays. adidas created 3: the NASL White, NASL Black, and NASL Super.

Each is an official shoe of the NASL thoroughly tested by its players. Unequaled for super flexibility, sure-footed traction, superior running characteristics, and positive ball contact, each has proved itself in NASL games.

The differences then are a matter of preference. Just as each soccer player has developed the style of play that works best for him, he’s chosen the right adidas NASL shoe to go with it.

The adidas NASL White, NASL Black, and NASL Super. For soccer players who wouldn’t compete without adidas on their feet.


The adidas NASL
White, Black and Super soccer shoes
and NASL Official soccer ball.

adidas NASL soccer shoes

The science of sport

sauce: adidas 1979

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