adidas World Cup ’78 football boots “Trevor Francis Our Final test”

adidas World Cup '78

Trevor Francis Our Final test

When we set out to design the adidas World Cup 78, we knew that we would have to create a shoe capable of meeting the demands of top professional footballers like Trevor Francis.

We knew that he would demand a shoe that was light. At 8.4 oz it is.

The sole would have to have maximum flexibility, good running characteristics and un-matched traction. Characteristics that only two unique polyamide plastics, a special foot-bed construction and wider stud positioning could provide.

It would have to have better ball contact than ever before. So we used soft natural kangaroo leather.

We asked Trevor Francis to put the The World Cup 78 to the test. The result: full marks on every count.

The adidas World Cup ’78: one of the worlds best soccer shoes.

men’s size 8 1/2

adidas World Cup '78

adidas World Cup 78 and adidas Adi. The Adi is identical to the World Cup ’78 except for the uppers which are made from top quality oxhide.

The science of sport

sauce: adidas 1979

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