Converse Broncho Big C Line “Play Ball!”

Converse Broncho Big C Line

Big “C” Line

Look for the Big “C”
When you buy Converse shoes, look for the Big “C” on the soles. It’s important. If they don’t have the big “C” they’re not Converse.

Converse Broncho Big C Line

The Broncho Sole

Play Ball!
Whether you are one of the big-leaguers, or an amateur, or just an all-round fellow, you will want to wear “Broncho” shoes!

Comfort, wear and sportsmanlike good-looks are built into every fibre and seam of the “Broncho.” The thick sole is resilient with life and its non-skid design gives you absolute sure-footedness. Cork innersoles keep your feet cool and comfortable. And the trimmings on the uppers add greatly to their appearance.

“Broncho” are worn by big-league basketball teams everywhere. They are the “real thing” – for baseball, tennis, hiking and general everyday wear. Always ask for them – they cost less than leather and last longer.

“The Planter” – For everyday work and walking comfort, ask for the Converse “Planter.” It comes with a rubber heel, and the uppers are of dark brown.

Converse Broncho Big C Line

Look for the name on every heel

Factory, Malden, Mass.

Boys’ Life April 1924

sauce: Boys’ Life April 1924

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