Brooks Vantage Supreme running shoes “It’s like flying.”

Brooks Vantage / Vantage Supreme running shoes

It’s like flying.

It’s like flying. Like skimming the earth. Barely touching down.

It’s like soaring. With a fresh breeze at your back and the whole world in front of you.
It’s the sweet taste of cool air in your lungs. The crunch of country gravel. The swishing sound of hot concrete as it melts away under your feet.

It’s a shoe so light you barely know It’s on. A shoe that hugs your heel and cushions every footfall.A shoe that meets the earth squarely and evenly as it propels you steadily along.
It’s the Brooks feeling. The Brooks Sensation. Sensational.

Vantage Supreme running shoes

1. Perforated Midsole*. Scientifically designed perforation pattern flexes naturally with your foot and protects delicate metatarsals.

2. Custom Contour Insole. Molds to your foot as you run for custom fit at heel and arch.

3. Varus Wedge*. 4°midsole wedge reduces twisting of the foot and lessens heel strike impact to help prevent foot, ankle, knee, and back problems.

4. Reinforced Racing Sole. Cushions every footfall and dissipates road shock. Reinforced heel strike zone extends sole life.

*Patents Pending

RW5 – Star
Runner’s World Magazine 1979

RW5-Star Runner's World Magazine 1979

Five Star Shoes:
Vantage Supreme (illustrated) Lady Vantage
Lady Vantage Supreme

Shoe Mfg. Co.. Inc.. Hanover, Pa. 17331

Nor-Cal Running Review Spring 1979

sauce: Nor-Cal Running Review Spring 1979

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