Brooks John Walker RT-1 running shoes “Sensational.”

Brooks John Walker RT-1 running shoes


“The folks at Brooks asked me to design a new shoe- a shoe that could be used for training and racing. Naturally, I jumped at the chance,because it just makes sense biomechanically to train and race in the same shoe.

“Right up front, though, I made sure everyone understood one thing. I had to test this new shoe personally: To run in it under all kinds of conditions. Or my name simply wouldn’t go on it.

“Well, my name is on the Brooks RT-1. And I’m here to tell you that the RT-1 is the perfect marriage of a featherweight racing shoe with a firm, durable training flat.

“The RT-1 is light (about 7 ounces in size 9). And it’s cool. because it’s made of Brooks Special Open Mesh Nylon. “plenty of cushioning in all the right places, too. With a wide, flared heel and Varus Wedge So you can train day after day without worrying about injuries.

“And the RT-1 is built on a racing last. Narrow at the heel and arch for closer fit and more speed. With extra ‘toe spring’ for a better kick and stronger finish.

“Try the RT-1 for yourself. I can’t promise you better racing times. But I can tell you I enjoy running in the RT-1. And I think you will, too. It’s the most comfortable shoe for racing and training I’ve ever worn. In a word… Sensational.”

John Walker, World Record Holder in the mile (3:49:4), World Record Holder 2000 meters (4:51:4), 1976 Olympic Gold Medal Winner 1500 meters.

Brooks John Walker RT-1 running shoes

The John Walker RT-1. Another sensational running shoe

Shoe Mfg. Co.. Inc.. Hanover, Pa. 17331

Nor-Cal Running Review Summer 1979

sauce: Nor-Cal Running Review Summer 1979

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