Brooks Chariot “Can 2,000,000 feet be wrong?”

Brooks Chariot

Can 2,000,000 feet be wrong?

“The Chariot is possibly the best training shoe ever made by Brooks” – Running Times, October 1982 “… year of experience only strengthens that judgement. Indeed, this is one of the best training shoes made by any manufacturer. ” – Running Times, October 1983

“… the Chariot has been one of the greatest success stories in recent years in the world of running shoes.” – Runner’s World, October 1984

“Now four years old and going strong, this is still one of the best shoes for overall stability and support ever made.” – Triathlon, August 1985

Even after more than a million pairs, the Brooks Chariot is still running strong.

In fact, in the July 1985 issue, a Runner’s World survey of its subscribers shows that more men and women run in the Brooks Chariot than any other running shoe. (And of course everything the Chariot does for runners, it does for walkers. Only slower.)

So check out a pair wherever the best athletic footwear is sold. And run – or walk – off with the right crowd.

Brooks Chariot

High performance from the ground up.

sauce: Brooks 1985

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