Brooks Transition “Fasten your feetbelts.”

Brooks Transition

Fasten your feetbelts.

The Transition’s feetbelt system wraps your anklets for support and protection.

The Transition's feetbelt system

The higher you fly and the harder you play, the more your feet need feet belts. The ultimate support system that protects your ankles with two self-adhesive straps on the outside. Plus two reinforced nylon bands on the inside.

Together they act just like a trainer’s tape. Feetbelts aren’t just a showy substitute for lacing They’re an integral part of the new Brooks Transition. A shoe created to cope with today’s harder running, higher jumping player.

A lightweight shoe with a more flexible sole and incredible gripping power. On wood, on asphalt, or whatever surface you play on. A tougher shoe with a rugged leather upper that supports your foot at all the key stress points. In short, a shoe that plays the game the way you play the game. To win.

So make the transition and fasten your feetbelts. For smoother take-offs. safer landings. Ask for the new Brooks Transition wherever the best athletic footwear is sold.

Brooks Transition

The Transition

High performance from the ground up.

sauce: Brooks 1980

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