B.F. Goodrich P-F’s “Wash-and-wear shoes! Crisp, cool P-F’s with the magic comfort wedge”

B.F. Goodrich P-F's B.F. Goodrich P-F's

Wash-and-wear shoes!
Crisp, cool P-F’s with the magic comfort wedge

That’s right, Mom, “Everybody wears ‘em!” P-F’s are the cool, wash-and-wear canvas shoes with the exclusive comfort wedge that helps feet go, go, go, all day long. Youngsters everywhere, from kindergar- teners to teenagers, know P-F means com- fort, and they’re convinced that the special P-F wedge in the insole helps them run faster and longer.

Mothers love P-F’s because they’re completely washable. Pop them into soap and water, dry them and they’re good as new – crisp, fresh and sweet-smelling.

And P-F’s are for every age group in- cluding grownups. All sizes, all styles, all colors! Get your family set for outdoor liv- ing right now! See your B.F.Goodrich or Hood Footwear dealer for P-F’s – the wash-and-wear shoes with the magic com- fort wedge.

B.F. Goodrich P-F’s

B.F. Goodrich P-F’s

Look for the green and white P.F label. Your assurance of American-made quality!

B.F. Goodrich P-F’s

“Pontiac” by BFG
“Grounder” by Hood

bf goodrich pontiac

“Jack Purcell” is famous P-F tennis
and court shoe for men by BFG

bf goodrich jack purcell

“Vantage” is Hood’s finest P-F
tennis and court shoe for men

hood vantage

New Taper-Toe “Bayshore”
P-F for women by BFG

bf goodrich bayshore

“Lakeshore” is Hood’s new
Taper-Toe P-F for women

hood lakeshore

“Sandlot” – a popular boy’s
P-F by BFG and Hood

bf goodrich sandlot

P-F: The world-famous wedge that builds comfort

B.F. Goodrich P-F's

‘P-F stands for Posture Foundation.
(1) The important P-F rigid wedge helps keep body weight properly distributed on normal foot, decreasing foot and leg muscle strain. (2) Soft cushion.

Footwear that feels as good as it looks

B.F. Goodrich P-F's

For information about where to buy any BFG or Hood product, write: President’s Office, The B.F.Goodrich Company, Akron 18, Ohio.

LIFE May 5 1961

sauce: LIFE May 5 1961 / B.F. Goodrich 1961

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