B.F.goodrich Jack Purcell “check the specs on this baby”

B.F.goodrich Jack Purcell "check the specs on this baby"

check the specs on this baby

The real class in sneakers.
The Jack Purcell. Specifically
engineered by B.F.Goodrich
for tough championship events.

B.F.goodrich Jack Purcell "check the specs on this baby"

STYLING • Sporty coming and going. Front rally band. Rear-mounted panel shows you’re in the classic model.

COMFORT • Exclusive Posture Foundation helps take the strain
off leg muscles for greater road-ability.

CHASSIS • Rugged uppers pro-vide extra strength and support.
Take little upkeep. Keep their cool.

TREADS • Choice of special ribber outsoles for maximum
traction and speed according to track conditions: slab or herring-bone. Great cornering ability.

CUSTOMIZED FEATURES • All standard equipment on the Jack
Purcell: luxurious interiors, rugged toe bumpers, shock-absorbing cushioned innersoles, special air scoops for free-flow ventilation.

OPTIONALS • Sportsmen oxford or the classic lace-to-toe style.

B.F.goodrich Jack Purcell


Boys' Life April 1969

sauce: Boys’ Life April 1969

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