adidas Rosario soccer boot 78 / Tango “Our research staff”

adidas Rosario soccer boot 78

Nottingham Forest, European Cup Winners

Nottingham Forest, European Cup Winners

Our research staff

We believe that there’s only one way to test top quality soccer boots: on the expert feet of professional footballers.

If you play for a First Division club like Nottingham Forest, you need a boot whose performance is a match for yours.
A boot that’s light and flexible, yet sure-footed and punchy. A boot like the adidas Rosario.

The Rosario has been designed by professionals for professionals – and serious amateurs. It’s a top quality, 10-ounce boot which will take you just where you want to go, whatever the state of the pitch. The majority of British professionals rely on adidas. So can you.

The adidas ‘Rosario’ soccer boot.

adidas Rosario soccer boot 78

The Tango (name and design registered)

The Tango’s 32 hand-stitched leather panels are coated with a double layer of high-stratch, water-repellant polyurethane. The result is a perfectly shaped, consistent performance ball that will give you life and drive come rain or shine.

adidas were official suppliers of balls to the last three World Cups. The Tango will show you why.

adidas Tango

The science of sport

sauce: adidas 1979

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