Nike Supreme Court / Amelia tennis shoes “TOP SEEDS.”

Nike Supreme Court / Amelia tennis shoes


Nine Supreme Court “C”

Nike Supreme Court / Amelia tennis shoes

We know. You’ve never heard of them. But isn’t that just like tennis? One day a complete unknown struts onto the court, and even before play is complete, it’s obvious the ranking will never be the same.

Well, say help to the Supreme Court. And the Amelia. For men and women respectively, they’re about to turn the tennis game upside down.
Talk about quick studies, these two require virtually no break-in. The full-grain leather is so soft, so supple, it anticipates your every move. From the start.

Vertical Stabilizer Straps, that movement never gets out of hand. Plus, with a Spenco quarterlining and extended eyelet, both models tend to hug the heel like shoes possessed.

For day surfaces, there’s even the Supreme Court “C”.

Amelia is simply a knockoff of a man’s shoe, think again. After working with our touring women pros, we developed a women’s performance last. With more room in the forefoot and a tighter fit in the heel.

However, we give you fair warning. These are the most expensive shoes we make. If you’d like to see something a little less sumptuous, no problem. Our new line has models for every pocketbook, every level of play.

Actually, you may be better off never slipping into our
Supreme Court or Amelia.
They have a nasty habit of making. compromise seem totally unacceptable.

Beaverton, Oregon

sauce: Nike 1982

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