Nike Rivalry tennis shoes “WHAT IT’S LIKE TO PLAY TENNIS IN OUR NEW SHOE.”

Nike Rivalry tennis shoes


Nike Rivalry tennis shoes

If you’ve never been on the court in anything but conventional tennis shoes, wait until you play a few sets in our new Rivalry.

We didn’t really put springs on the bottom. But it certainly feels that way.

All the bounce is actually coming from a polyurethane sole.
A material that’s lighter and more resilient than rubber.

Now we didn’t invent PU, as it’s called in the trade. We weren’t even the first to use it. Because there were a few shortcomings.

So rather than turn out a shoe we were less than proud of, we turned to our chemists. Who turned out a remarkable new Nike compound.

We immediately put it into a bi-density outsole. It has all the cushion you’s ever want. Without sacrificing performance.

We also decided to make this one of the most breathable shoes we’ve ever created. So we used a lightweight nylon mesh and a non-woven backing.

And check out the lacing system. That extended eyelet gives more heel support and a customized fit. And there’s a liner in the bottom that does the same thing – molds to the contour of your foot.

See the soft, supple leather? It isn’t really leather. But it has better stretch is less apt to crack and takes more abuse than the real thing.

The only way to really appreciate the Rivalry however is to play tennis in it. Hard, grueling tennis. Then you’ll know what we mean.

Sometimes you have to go to a lot of trouble if you want a shoe to be taken lightly.

Beaverton, Oregon

sauce: Nike 1982

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