Nike and JCPenney shoes “Our starting lineup for kids in 1984”

Nike and JCPenney shoes

Our starting lineup for kids in 1984

Authentic Athletic Footwear from Nike and USA Olympics by JCPenney.

Introducing the JC Penney starting lineup in kids athletic shoes for 1984.

Four good looking, all purpose shoes that are as tough and rugged as they are sporty. They’re sure to be a hit with your kids on the field or off.

All these great looking shoes come in a variety of sporty color combinations.

Nike and JCPenney shoes

Boys Rascal Jogger
Nylon upper, suede trim.

Boys Court Master
Canvas upper. rubber
compound sole.
Padded collar.

Boys Olympic Jogger
Suede/nylon fabric upper
with mesh quarters.

Olympic Court
Upper suede, nylon
fabric with two strap,
self-lock closure.

For every pair of USA Olympic shoes sold. JC Penney will donate 50 cents to the US Olympic Committee to help train our US athletes for this year’s Summer Olympics.

At all Detroit area JC Penney stores

sauce: JCPenney 1984

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