Nike Eagle / Elite SMU road racing shoes “A DAY TO REMEMBER.”

Nike Eagle / Elite SMU road racing shoes


Tony Sandoval and Jeff Wells, NIKE-OTC Marathon September 9, 1979.

NIKE-OTC Marathon, Eugene/ Springfield, September 9, 1979.

By noon it was a day to remember. So much so that those watching wanted to be out there. And those that ran wanted to watch.

Because special things happened. The results were hard to believe. If you haven’t heard what was done by Sandoval, Wells, Lodwick, Quax, Benoit, Atkins, Lindgren, Bright, Manley, 46 Olympic Trails qualifiers and 350 dedicated, prepared race volunteers – write us.

But we don’t want to tell you about this race just because good people were there and ran well. Surely they did. Some even called it “a gathering of eagles.”

It was more than that.

A time to share with friends and heroes. A rising of the marathoning spirit we hear about, but don’t feel as much as we used to.

A runner’s race.
You should have been there.

Beaverton, Oregon

sauce: Nike 1979

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