New Balance Pride 680 “There isn’t a move that can beat this shoe.”

New Balance Pride 680 "There isn't a move that can beat this shoe."

There isn’t a move that can beat this shoe.

Not the baseline drive, not the fast break, not the quick turn-around.
The Prides can handle any move you make.
Because they have a Flextended Saddle and a sturdy heel counter, to keep your feet stable-no matter what the rest of you is doing, And there’s a two-density insert for comfort and a Lock-Tread sole to grab the court.
The Lakers’ James Worthy wouldn’t wear anything but the Prides, He knows that you can’t play winning basketball if you keep losing your feet.

New Balance Pride 680

new balance PRIDES

Shown, the Pride 680. Available in B, D and EE widths.
New Balance, Inc., Boston, MA 02134

Boys' Life September 1984

sauce: Boys’ Life September 1984

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