new balance 770 running shoes “A technological advance you’ll actually feel.”

new balance 770 running shoes

new balance 770 running shoes

A technological advance you’ll actually feel.

It’s no secret that technology is having a profound impact on the way we live. And now, it’s about to have a profound effect on the way we impact the ground.

Introducing the New Balance 770.


new balance 770 running shoes

A Fethalite “horseshoe” built into the midsole makes the 770 more stable.

Try on a pair of 770’s and you won’t believe how soft they feel. This softness is in large part the result of an exclusive midsole/wedge material called Nubalite.

A new EVA compound, Nubalite is full of bounce and cushioning. In fact, it’s the most “forgiving” compound we’ve ever utilized.

But, wait – the best is yet to come. Because when you run in a pair of 770’s, something truly unexpected happens: you feel secure. You see, the 770 is also extremely stable.


How did we make a soft shoe stable? First, by incorporating an exclusive “horseshoe” into the midsole / wedge.

Made of compression-resistant Fethalite, it protects against overpronation. To further enhance the shoe’s rearfoot stability, we employed a double-extended overlay counter.

new balance 770 running shoes

Carbon rubber wear plugs increase longevity, decrease rollover.

The 770 also features our new Superflex outersole with a technological plus – carbon rubber wear plugs. Located at key stress points, they help to increase sole unit longevity. And decrease the risk of injury from rollover.

So if you want to run in a shoe that’s both soft and stable, get a pair of 770’s. The running shoe that makes you feel comfortable with high technology.

new balance 770 running shoes

new balance 770

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