Nike Air Sunder Max, Adidas Equipment Gazelle, Converse ECO Lo, Nike Air Flight posite, Fila Ancerus TR, Puma Cell Lhotse “sneak peek: Vibe August 1999”

Vibe August 1999


sneak peek

Now, we know y’all just can’t hang out in any old sneakers! That’s why we hung up the best joints for fall right here on this page! Since comfort, function, and color is key for survival in the urban jungle, trail runners (Puma’s Cell Lhotse and Fila’s Ancerus TR) are the hottest new category.

But don’t sleep on basketball (Nike’s Air Flight-posite) or running (Adidas’s Equipment Gazelle), ‘cause they’re still in the game too. Toss it up, toss it up! SEE THE DETAILS

Mimi Valdés

Air Sunder Max
by Nike

Nike Air Sunder Max

Gazelle by

Adidas Equipment Gazelle

by Converse

Converse ECO Lo

Air Flightposite
by Nike

Nike Air Flight posits

Ancerus TR
by Fila

Fila Ancerus TR

Cell Lhotse
by Puma

Puma Cell Lhotse

Vibe August 1999

sauce: Vibe August 1999

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