Converse Tennis All Star “NOW! a converse All Star… for tennis”

Converse Tennis All Star

NOW! a converse All Star… for tennis

Here’s what it will do for you.
soft, suede glove leather uppers deliver greater support and durability. Padded tongue and ankle collar, silk-smooth interior and full heel and arch cushion wrap your feet in comfort throughout the most strenuous play. New look U-Throat Upper design eliminates seam bulking that can cause chafing.

And. at the bottom of it all, is Converse’s special translucent compound sole design for extra mileage and greater traction on any surface. Now, what we’ve been doing for basketball for 50 years, we do for tennis. This is the ultimate shoe for grass, clay or hard. You’ll believe it when you play it.
Ask for the Converse All Star for tennis… from the people who make pro footwear their business.

Converse Tennis All Star

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Converse Tennis All Star


Ebony July 1971

sauce: Ebony July 1971

スポンサード リンク

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