B.F Goodrich “P.F FLYERS”

B.F Goodrich "P.F FLYERS"

“I can play better than you. ‘Cause I practice every day. I wear P.F Flyers. And my dad is Hank Aaron.”

When your dad is Hank Aaron, you get a lot of good tips on how to play a better game. Like wearing a shoe that helps you outplay the competition.
That’s why Hank Aaron, right fielder for the Atlanta Braves, has young Hank wear P.F Flyers. Because they help young keep going longer.
It’s the Posture Foundation wedge inside each heel that does it, by helping feet to work the right way. The Posture Foundation is what the P.F in our name stands for. And only our shoes have it.
So take a hint from young Hank Aaron. Get your dad to buy you P.F Flyers.

B.F Goodrich "P.F FLYERS"

The only one with the wedge

Boys' Life May 1971

sauce: Boys’ Life May 1971

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