adidas TRX “Our road test.”

adidas TRX “Our raad test.”

Our road test.

To develop the new adidas TRX Competition required the most trained scientists in the field: America’s runners.

They insisted the TRX Competition be incredibly light. At just 8 ounces it is.

They required it to provide the foot with maximum stability. The kind of stability only our proven adidas heel counter could ensure.

And they demanded its sole be responsive. So we created it of 72 gripping road studs that deliver sure traction in any weather, even on curved or banked surfaces.

Then they put the adidas TRX Competition through their ultimate test: they ran it on the road.

Our scientists are back with their results. The adidas TRX Competition out-ran their expectations. Now let it run for you.

Men’s size 8 1/2

adidas TRX

The adidas TRX
Competition with men’s and women’s lasts.

adidas TRX

The science of sport.

NorCal Running Review Spring 1980

sauce: Nor-Cal Running Review Spring 1980

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