adidas adistar 2000 track & field shoes “Take the “Variables” into your stride”

adidas adistar 2000 track & field shoes

Take the “Variables” into your stride

Interchangeable elements

adidas adistar 2000 track & field shoes

Variable 1 : There are more then 30 differing synthetic track surfaces. These range from very soft ones to those as hard as stone. With and without granule. and in differing thicknesses too.

Variable 2 : Individual weight and style of running.

Variable 3 : Differing disciplines: Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, Sprint, middle and long-distance running.

Variable 4 : The weather – from cold and wet to hot and dry track conditions. Our variable: Adistar 2000 – the track shoe with the famous concept of interchangeable elements guarantees each athlete optimum performance in any competitive condition. More than 20 combinations are possible through the interchange of the unique Adistar star profiles and cones. At Montreal and at the World Cup Games in Düsseldorf, the majority of medal winners in all track and field disciplines wore Adistar 2000.

Adistar 2000 is a creation of Adi Dassler, the man behind the adidas name.

The all-sports people

sauce: adidas 1979

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