Reebok Aztec running shoes “The 26 pound running shoe.”

Reebok Aztec running shoes

The 26 pound
running shoe.

Designed for runners. Our anatomically structured last comforms perfectly to follow the natural curve of the runner’s foot in motion.

Reebok engineered forefoot flex reduces resistance, ensuring smooth continuing momentum.

Reebok Aztec running shoes

Toe box is high and wide enough to allow for natural toe spread. This avoids blisters, broken toenails and toe cramping.

Reebok’s Patented Unit-II Sole.

Reebok's Patented Unit-II Sole.

Non-skid outer sole combines durability, flexibility and traction, permitting use on a variety of surfaces.

Another Reebok first, the memory cushioned wedge absorbs shock and eliminates bottoming out.

The Aztec. Now available in United States, these superb running shoes by the Reebok family are the culmination of 75 years of racing shoe specialization. These hand-crafted English running shoes are made in a proud tradition of excellence. Throughout its illustrious history, Reebok shoes have consistently won medals and held records in many of the world’s major running events. And we at Reebok are dedicated to continually improve the design, engineering and construction characteristics of specialist running shoes, working together with athletes, coaches and medical authorities. Reebok … lightweight, fantastic, expensive.

Aztec Princess

Reebok Aztec running shoes

Runner’s World Magazine


26pounds British Sterling currency exchange as of 7/12/79 equals $60 Amerucan.
Actual weight of the Aztec Princess women’s size 7 is less than 7 1/2 ounces (210 grams).

NorCal Running Review Spring 1980

sauce: Nor-Cal Running Review Spring 1980

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