Etonic Stabilizer running shoes “Nothing protects this equipment, quite like this equipment.”

Etonic Stabilizer running shoes

Nothing protects this equipment, quite like this equipment.

Etonic Stabilizer running shoes

Running shoes by Eaton

For a runner, the equipment list is simple: your body and your shoes.
And it’s no secret that the right shoe can make a difference as to how the rest of your equipment will function.
That’s why you’ll find so much protection in Etonic running shoes: starting with the Dr. Rob Roy McGregor one-piece heel/arch support that gently forces your natural padding under the foot to provide its own cushioning and act a natural shock absorber. Etonic incorporates many other kinds of highly protective features in all their models. Look for them in the tough, lightweight Street Fighters and the revolutionary new Stabilizer model with a lacing system that provides rear foot control.

The Stabilizer.
Km-520 for men.
Km-720 for women.

Etonic Stabilizer running shoes

Let the trained specialists at The Athlete’s Foot stores help you get the right fit in the right style. In stock! In your size!

No one knows
the athlete’s foot like
The Atlete’s Foot

sauce: Etonic 1979

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