adidas Marathon 80 running shoes “Our test track.”

adidas Marathon 80 running shoes

Our test track.

1978 New  York City Marathon

We put everything science could offer into our new Adidas Marathon 80. Then we put our Marathon 80 to the ultimate test.

The New York City Marathon. To prove that Adidas’ lightest running shoe (a mere 6.3 ounces*) can make the difference of a ton less to lift over 26 miles.

To prove that the Adidas Marathon 80’s divided heel spoiler helps absorb maximum shock, even on the most uneven road surfaces.

To prove that the Marathon 80’s incredibly sleek silhouette sole of 72 trefoil studs act as glide and stop supports for sure traction. In any weather.

The results are in from the lab. One example: in the 1978 New York City Marathon, the Adidas Marathon 80 was worn by the runner who set the sensational new world record for women.

*Men’s size 8 1/2

adidas Marathon 80 running shoes

The Marathon 80.
Adidas’ lightest running shoe.

The science of sport.

sauce: adidas 1979

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