AMF Voit basketball “This AMF Voit basketball is better than the game ball I make my living with.”

AMF Voit basketball

This AMF Voit basketball is better than the game ball I make my living with.

AMF Voit basketball

“Let me tell you where my head is at on basketballs … no pun intended.

The game ball play is. of course, leather, and It’s a great ball.

But outside where most people play. a leather ball can take a terrific beating, what with the rough asphalt and all. I know because I run a string of basketball camps across the country, and I know how long a ball lasts.

Outdoors, for example, a ball is bound to get wet once in awhile. If it’s a leather ball, it’s going to start to stretch … eventually enough so it throws your game off.

But an AMF Voit basketball like my Dave Cowens model has a cover that’s completely waterproof. And really tough so concrete and asphalt won’t wipe it out.

It won’t lose its shape or get out of balance as quickly either, because inside there’s a super strong nylon-wound bladder that’s so unique it’s been patented.

Want my opinion? AMF Voit basketballs are the most abuse-proof, high-quality line of balls made. Otherwise, you better believe I wouldn’t put my name on them.”

AMF Voit. Santa Ana. California 92704

AMF Voit basketball

Boys’ Life January 1976

sauce: Boys’ Life January 1976

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