Dunlop Grand Slam “When your game’s as good as our shoe, we’ll see you both at Wimbledon.”

Dunlop Grand Slam

When your game’s as good as our shoe, we’ll see you both at Wimbledon.

Teddy Tinling’s latest tennis chic. Plump British strawberries and clotted Devon cream. And the cream of the world’s tennis shoes. Some of the great traditions of Wimbledon. Dunlop is about to start another. With the new all leather Grand Slam. This is not just another tennis shoe. This is the tennis shoe.

Why Leather?

Aside from the sheer luxury and comfort of leather, there are two reasons why so many professionals and coaches prefer a leather tennis shoe.

Firstly, a leather upper doesn’t ‘wear out’ so much as ‘wear in.’ After a couple of games, its moulded itself to the shape of your foot. Secondly, nothing really breathes like leather. And the Grand Slam is punched at the toe for extra ventilation. And that upper is glued and stitched with heavy gauge nylon thread to remarkable sole.

The Sole.

Dunlop have developed a brand new rubber compound for the sole of the Grand Slam: a rubber so tough it’s amazed our designers. Tough enough to take it on the rim, where tennis shoes really take a hiding. And highly flexible for greater grip on the contact area in the centre sole.

Professional Endorsement

The Grand Slam, like all the tennis shoes in the Dunlop range, carries the endorsement of the Tennis Professionals Association of Australia, as well as the approval of the L.T.A.A. The brand new Dunlop leather Grand Slam. At around $40, it probably costs more than the tennis shoe you’re wearing now. And so it should.


Dunlop Grand Slam

sauce: Dunlop 1981

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